not proven 意味

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  • 証拠不十分{しょうこ ふじゅうぶん}
  • proven:    {形} : 証明{しょうめい}された、実績{じっせき}のあるIt's a proven fact that Einstein's Relativity theory is right. アインシュタインの相対性理論が正しいことは証明された事実だ。---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • industry proven:    {形} :
  • industry-proven:    {形} : 業界{ぎょうかい}が認めた


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  1. and so far , you have not proven one goddamn thing .
    これまでだって あなたは 唯の一つも証明してない
  2. and , jonah lehrer has not proven that he is capable of feeling shame .
    「恥を感じる能力があるか 彼はまだ証明してないぞ」
  3. have not proven successful .
  4. there is a theory stating that the difference shows buried person ' s birth group , but it is not proven yet .
  5. it is said , though not proven , that this thickness comes not only from collagen but also from rice flour , which is known to be added from the ingredients label on the soup bag for takeout ramen .


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