not publish 意味

  • 休載する
  • publish:    publish v. 出版する; 発表する.【副詞1】publish (a work) anonymously(作品を)匿名で発表するpublished daily日刊のShe publishes extensively in magazines.雑誌に広く作品を発表しているIt was first published in 1899.それは 1899 年に初めて出版されたThe book w
  • publish a will:    遺言状{ゆいごんじょう}を公表{こうひょう}する
  • to publish:    to publish刷り出すすりだす書き表すかきあらわす掲げるかかげる梓に上せるしにのぼせる著す著わすあらわす乗せる載せるのせる


  1. can say , no , i will not publish with your magazine
    「いいえ あなたの雑誌には原稿を書きませんし
  2. not publish about me ? why ? is there something wrong ?
    載せないでもらえますか?》 《何か まずいことでも?》
  3. from the muromachi period through the edo period , however , this school had been in a weaker position than other schools , and they were the only school which did not publish their own utai-bon (chant book ) among the five shite-kata schools .


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