not unimportant 意味

  • 《be ~》重要{じゅうよう}だ
  • unimportant:    unimportant adj. 重要でない.【副詞】extremely unimportantきわめて瑣末なquite unimportant全く取るに足らないWind-produced energy is still relatively unimportant.風力エネルギーは今のところまだあまり重要ではない.【+前置詞】The problem is unimportant for mo
  • extremely unimportant:    極めて瑣末{さまつ}な
  • quite unimportant:    全く取るに足りない


  1. according to his theory , the distinction of characters observed in manyo-gana was caused by toraijin (people from overseas , especially from china and korea , who settled in early japan and introduced continental culture ) who had distinguished the difference of the sounds that were not unimportant for japanese .


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