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  • ocean navigation
  • navigation:    navigation n. 航海, 航行; 航海術.【動詞+】They built lighthouses to facilitate navigation along the coast.沿岸の航海を容易にするために灯台を建てたThere is a cross-current which hinders navigation.航行を妨げる逆流があるNavigation will shortl
  • ocean:    ocean n. 大洋, 大海; たくさん.【動詞+】cross the ocean in a boat小舟に乗って大洋を渡るHis house faces the ocean.彼の家は大海を臨む位置にあるsail the ocean大洋を帆走する; 航海する.【形容詞 名詞+】the Atlantic Ocean大西洋the billowy ocean波立つ大海a boundless oce
  • ocean of:    《an ~》広大{こうだい}な~、たくさんの~


  1. in1884 , when he was the captain of ' tsukuba ,' the ship went on ocean navigation .
  2. these rented ships were used for kenminsen after conducting major renovation such as the installation of hull fittings suitable for ocean navigation and the expansion of cabins for diplomatic envoys or influential merchants .
  3. in the beginning of the edo period , the first japanese european style galleon ship for ocean navigation , san juan bautista (500 ton ) started on a voyage for europe with a japanese delegation headed by tsunenaga hasekura through america .
  4. unlike the kashiwade clan , the azumi clan influenced on the western provinces such as; the seto inland sea and iki , and dominated male divers and amabe (people who served the imperial court with their techniques of ocean navigation ) in awaji-shima island and shodo-shima island .
  5. the vice-envoy , kaishu kimura , kyojyugata toriatsukai (captain rank ), kaishu katsu , and 11military personnel including brook taijo (enjohn mercer brooke ) boarded ' kanrin maru ,' and left for the united states , and they accomplished tasks such as practical training on ocean navigation by japanese crewmen , and visit to the american navy .
    「咸臨丸」も副使・木村芥舟、教授方取扱(艦長格)・勝海舟、ブルック大尉(enJohn Mercer Brooke)以下アメリカ海軍軍人11名などを乗せて出航し、日本人乗組員の遠洋航海実習、アメリカ海軍の実情視察という成果を上げた。


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