of a pattern 意味

  • 同一{どういつ}の、同型{どうけい}の
  • on the pattern of:    ~にならって
  • pattern:    1pattern n. 模範; 原型, 模型; 見本, (洋服の)型紙; (思考 行動 文などの)型, 様式, パターン; 模様; 〔テレビ〕 テストパターン.【動詞+】alter the pattern of one's decisions決断のし方を変えるthe first step in breaking this pattern of behaviorこの行動パターンを破る第一歩She
  • pattern with:    ~の模様{もよう}をつける


  1. we helped her . kind of a pattern with you guys .
  2. if i can repeat anything , i have the possibility of a pattern
    くるみから卵 ガラス片 枝に至るまで
  3. the repetition of a pattern , in which one person shows an example and the other tries in vain to copy it or the other misunderstands what the first person did , is called tendon .


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