of significance 意味

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  • 重要{じゅうよう}な、意義{いぎ}ある
    Don't ignore the data, because it's of significance. データを無視するな。重要なのだから。
  • of no significance:    《be ~》取るに足りない
  • significance:    significance n. 意味, 意義; 重要性.【動詞+】They acknowledged the significance of what I had done.彼らは私がやったことの意義を認めたacquire a deeper significanceいっそう意義深いものとなるappreciate the significance of……の意味を認識するassume a sig
  • acknowledge the significance:    重要性{じゅうよう せい}を認める


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  1. did the church have some kind of significance for you ?
    あなたにとって 教会は何?
  2. and these motions carry a lot of significance
    これらの動きは 大切なものですが
  3. in developing countries , i think it has a lot of significance
  4. a life of significance ... of conscience .
    意義有る 誠実な人生を
  5. a person of significance to my employer .


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