of that name 意味



  1. Let me take care of this . you should be proud of that name , son .
  2. I've heard of that name ...
  3. We never heard of that name ... you should decide after researching about her .
    名前も聞いた事がないので??? - では 彼女の事を調べた後で決めてください
  4. While the formal buddhist name was written as 僧日文 (so nichibun ), the vertical writing of that name was misread as 僧旻 and established as his name .
  5. He became generally known as ' shotoku taishi ' during the heian period when the use of that name was widely spread; however , as it is a posthumous title , some school textbooks have adopted ' umayatoo ' instead of ' shotoku taishi ' these days .
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