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  • 一流{いちりゅう}の、第1級の、最上{さいじょう}の、(仕事{しごと}などが)最優先{さいゆうせん}の
    He is a fool of the first order.


  1. it was a constitutional outrage of the first order
    これは憲法を巡る 大きな暴動でした
  2. he was a recipient of the first order of merit .
  3. sumiyoshi kawamura (december 18 , 1836 - august 12 , 1904 ) was a japanese samurai who was a feudal retainer of the satsuma clan , a naval officer ranked full admiral and count , junior first rank and holder of the first order merit .
    川村 純義(かわむら すみよし、天保7年11月11日 (旧暦)(1836年12月18日) - 明治37年(1904年)8月12日)は、日本の武士・薩摩藩士、海軍軍人、海軍大将従一位勲一等伯爵。
  4. also , since the provision did not allow this costume to bear medals of the first order of merit or higher one , montsuki haori hakama is regarded as lower than a swallow-tailed coat , the most formal western clothes and equivalent to a frock coat or morning coat , the second class formal western clothes .
  5. his circle of friends was limited , but composed of highly-cultured people of the first order; these included saneatsu mushanokoji , who had been his friend since gakushuin days , moritatsu hosokawa , muneyoshi yanagi , and others , as well as ryuzaburo umehara , yoshishige abe , kazuo hirotsu , sotaro yasui , and tetsuzo tanikawa .
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