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  • ~の罪で
    He was arrested on a charge of bank robbery. 彼は銀行強盗の罪で逮捕された。


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  1. she retired on december 10 of the same year , and returned to the capital after imperial prince otsu was killed on a charge of treason on october 28 .
  2. in " manyoshu " (collection of ten thousand leaves ), she left six poems in which she expressed her feelings toward her younger maternal half-brother imperial prince otsu , who was killed on a charge of treason .
  3. three months later , renko died at the age of 82 where he was confined , and it is believed by some that on january 5 , renkei , then 49 , and his family were also put to death on a charge of attempt to flee .
  4. in 1162 , he suffered the dismissal from inaba no kuni no kami and from " uma no kami " (captain of the right division of bureau of horses ), because he was on a charge of taking part with taira no motomori , taira no tokitada and others in a conspiracy .
  5. conflict between the said two groups , especially the existence of the hard-liners , was regarded as dangerous by the government , and the prohibition order against association was issued on a charge of infringement against the security police law , one year after the establishment of the party .


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