on a horse 意味

  • 馬に乗って
  • horse:    horse n. 馬; 木馬; (体操用)鞍馬; 騎兵.【動詞+】They earn extra money by agisting horses on their property.自分の土地で(人の)馬を(有料で)預かって飼育して副収入を得ているback the wrong horse負け馬に賭ける; 《口語》 (判断ミスをして)負けるほうの候補者を応援する, 判断を誤るbreak in
  • horse and horse:    〈米俗〉五分五分{ごぶ ごぶ}で、対等{たいとう}で
  • dark horse (horse racing):    dark horse (horse racing)大穴おおあな


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  1. it just looks like a saddle you'd put on a horse .
  2. do you also feel we should go to work on a horse ?
  3. they never seen a nigger on a horse before .
  4. 'cause you can break your neck on a horse .
  5. by train and brought in on a horse
    電車で輸送されて 馬が引くそりで


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