on a retainer 意味

  • 《be ~》一定額{いってい がく}をもらっている
  • retainer:    1retainer n. 保持する人; 家来, 召使.【形容詞 名詞+】a family retainer家の召使a lowly retainer腰の低い召使いan old and trusted retainer信頼される老いた召使a valued retainer貴重な召使. 2retainer n. 弁護士依頼料; 依頼料.【動詞+】He was paid a big retainer.
  • battery retainer:    バッテリー受け
  • blade retainer:    ブレード押さえ


  1. gunyaku (also known as guneki ) was a military service and provisions that was imposed by the lord on a retainer to offer in wartime .
  2. depending on a retainer ' s officiary title , the color of inoko mochi (either black , red or white ) to be given and the designs of its wrapping paper were strictly specified .


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