on a scholarship 意味

  • 奨学金{しょうがくきん}を受けて[もらって]、特待生で
  • scholarship:    scholarship n. 奨学金; 学問, 学識; 学問上の成果.【動詞+】accept a basketball scholarshipバスケットボールの奨学金を受け入れるaward sb a scholarship of £1,000 1,000ポンドの奨学金を人に与えるThe scholarship was awarded to the best student in the sch
  • apply for a scholarship:    奨学金を申し込む
  • award a scholarship:    奨学金{しょうがくきん}を与える


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  1. i get really good grades , i'm on a scholarship ...
    奨学金のことがあるから いい成績で...
  2. so a few years after this event , i leave ghana on a scholarship
  3. he got into college on a scholarship and with his own money .
    奨学金と 自分でためとったお金で 大学入ったのよ
  4. i don't mind being reduced to a stereotype , but i'm on a scholarship .
    皆ファシストなんでしょ 固定観念に縛られるのは 構わないけど
  5. you're on a scholarship ...
    奨学金か わかった


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