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  1. This theory enables the explanation of the unusually high death rate for battles at that time and is said to have a certain amount of credibility based on analyses of circumstantial evidence and others .
  2. Although no ground-level data observed is available , it is considered , based on analyses of images observed with satellites , that enkai shu (russian maritime provinces ) and sakhalin in russia also constitutes a kosa-passing route .
  3. As a result of the excavation , it was discovered that abe-dera temple used to have a buddhist monastery in the horyu-ji temple style in which a tower was built in the west (the left ) and a golden hall in the east (the right ), and on analysis of the style used in the old tiles excavated at the site , it is considered to have been founded in the 7th century .
  4. Although it is known that kosa originates in dry zones , there are the following three theories about the area where kosa actually originates: one of them limits the area to deserts alone , based on analysis of the dust that comes flying , another attributes the area to dry areas other than deserts , and the last one says that kosa originates in both deserts and dry areas (see the section of components and shapes of kosa ).
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