on entry 意味

  • 《コ》入力時{にゅうりょくじ}
  • at entry:    データの着信時{ちゃくしん じ}
  • entry:    entry n. 入場; 入口; 参加, 参加(申し込み)者; (帳簿などの)記入; (辞書などの)見出し語.【動詞+】The entry was barricaded.入口はバリケードで封鎖されていたblock the entry入口を封鎖するThe law blocks the entry into the United States of certain groups of people
  • entry in:    輸入通関手続き


  1. it's like , you know , racking up our credit cards on entry fees and gas .
    ガソリンも入場料も がんがんカードできって
  2. on entry into the j . league , the club strengthened itself by obtaining players who had experienced playing in the j . league , such as shunzo ono (a football player ) and yoshiaki sato , and they were highly motivated to play the opening game of 1996 .
    Jリーグ参入にあたって大野俊三 (サッカー選手)や佐藤慶明といったJリーグ経験者を補強し、満を持して迎えた1996年の開幕戦。


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