on intimate terms 意味



  1. In september , 1598 , when hideyoshi died , hidehisa , who was on intimate terms with ieyasu , soon became even more intimately related with the tokugawa clan .
  2. However , it should be noted that anegakoji was on intimate terms with the various feudal lords of the hitotsubashi faction and was cooperating with the mito family .
  3. Saigo returned to kagoshima a half year later , but a girl who was taking care of him and who had been on intimate terms with him in nampo-o delivered a boy before long .
  4. The old man tells toyoo that if he kept being on intimate terms with the demon , toyoo would die , but if he took his courage , he could get rid of the demon , and advises him to keep himself calm .
  5. He was on intimate terms with the kamakura bakufu (japanese feudal government headed by a shogun ), as evidenced by his marriage to masako , daughter of minamoto no yoritomo ' s younger sister ' s husband , yoshiyasu ichijo , and after the third shogun , minamoto no sanetomo--who was also yoritomo ' s own child--was assassinated , kintsune ' s grandchild by his daughter , fujiwara no yoritsune , was made shogunal successor .
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