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  • 野外撮影中{やがい さつえい ちゅう}で、ロケーション撮影で、ロケ中
  • by location:    場所{ばしょ}によって
  • location:    location n. 場所, 位置; 探索, 捜しだすこと; 〔映画〕 野外撮影地, ロケ地.【動詞+】check out locations for franchise outletsフランチャイズ特約店を開く場所を調べるchoose a good location near the post office郵便局の近くのよい場所を選ぶdescribe the location of the
  • (storage)location:    (storage)location(記憶)場所[電情]〈00確X0012:情報処理用語(データ媒体, 記憶装置及び関連装置)〉


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  1. is that it's not simply going to stop on location data
  2. which we recorded and shot outside on location
  3. it was filmed on location in kyoto and nara .
  4. it ...happens only at the tv station and on location .
    それが テレビ局や ロケ現場ばかりで...。
  5. it's me . i need a clean up on location one .
    私よ 一人片付けて欲しいの


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