on the bubble 意味

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  • 当落線上{とうらく せんじょう}の
  • bubble:    1bubble n. あわ; あわ立ちの音; 実体のないもの.【動詞+】blow (soap) bubblesシャボン玉を吹く; 空論にふけるThis soap makes a lot of bubbles.この石けんはよくあわ立つprick a bubbleシャボン玉を突いて破る; 夢のような計画をくじくHe thinks he is the best man in the company.
  • bubble with:    ~で沸き立つ
  • in the bubble:    乗りに乗って、絶好調{ぜっこうちょう}で


  1. on the kids who are on the bubble
  2. now , i realize you two have a history , but this kid's been on the bubble a while now .
    2人の歴史は分かるが あのガキは危険だ


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