on the offensive 意味

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  • 《be ~》攻撃に出ている
  • offensive:    1offensive n. 攻勢, 攻撃.【動詞+】abandon an offensive攻撃を断念するassume the offensive攻勢に出るMunitions were running low, and we had to break off the offensive for a while.弾薬が欠乏してきて攻撃をしばらく中断せざるを得なかったcarry out an of
  • offensive to:    《be ~》~に対して攻撃的な、~の反感を買うCan I refuse to rent to tenants who are offensive to our beliefs?He has a bad reputation as someone who is offensive to women.I mean, I really felt that it was very offensive
  • act on the offensive:    攻勢に出る、攻勢をとる◆【同】take [assume] the offensive


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  1. i'd rather go on the offensive than sit around waiting to die .
    死ぬのを待つより 攻撃で行こう
  2. that's why i went on the offensive .
    なぜ生きているのかとでも 言いたそうじゃな。
  3. we stay on the offensive and we don't stop until we've won .
    攻撃する側に回るのよ 勝つまで叩き続ける
  4. and i will immediately go on the offensive .
  5. what's our next move ? we stay on the offensive until we've won .
    攻撃する側に回るのよ 勝つまで叩き続ける


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