on the strap 意味

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  • 分割払い{ぶんかつばらい}で、つけで
  • on a strap:    革砥{かわと}で
  • strap:    1strap n. 革ひも, 帯状のもの, バンド; 革砥(かわと).【動詞+】adjust a strap革ひもを調節するdo up a strap革ひもを留めるHe fastened the straps of his knapsack.ナップザックの革ひもを締めたfix a strap革ひもを固定するYour father will give you the strap for that
  • strap on:    {名} : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形} :


  1. so he's being harassed and forced to put on the strap .
    パワハラで つけたくもないストラップ 嫌々 つけさせられてるんだ
  2. we just got a lab report back which matches blood found on the strap with blood found at the fight .
    鑑識では皮の血と 闘技跡で見つけた血が一致しました
  3. after laying them in the order of [a ], [b ], and [c ] from below , pass the back strap [c ] below the strap [a ] and put it on the strap [a ] so that three straps [a ], [b ] and [c ] hang over the overlapped part .


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