on the thumb 意味

  • 〈英俗〉ヒッチハイクをして
  • by thumb:    ヒッチハイクで
  • thumb:    1thumb n. 親指.【動詞+】bite one's thumb at sb人を挑発的に侮辱する, 人をばかにするcock one's thumb親指を立てるI stood with my thumbs hooked in my belt.両手の親指をかぎ形に曲げベルトに引っかけて立っていたHe jerked his thumb at the door.親指をドアのほうへ突きだしたHe h
  • a golden thumb:    a gólden thúmb 金のなる木.


  1. the yugake - the oshitegake was a white-colored leather , and the yugake on the thumb of the right hand is unknown because kanzaemon kept it secret .
  2. a yugake (glove on the hand ) - as toshiya made progress , a kataboshi (glove with a hard cover on the thumb ) & a yotsugake (four-finger glove ) were invented , they say .


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