on the wing 意味

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  • (鳥が)飛んで、飛行中の、動いて、移動して
    Winter is coming, and migrating birds are on the wing. 冬が近づいてきて、渡り鳥も移動中だ。
  • wing:    1wing n.(1) 翼, 羽; 活動力.【動詞+】a dove beating its wings羽ばたきするハトThe bird broke its wing.その鳥は翼が折れたclip the wings of birds so they do not fly away飛んでいってしまわないように鳥の翼を切るclip sb's wings人の活動力を奪うdip a wing to ch
  • wing it:    練習{れんしゅう}をせずに即興{そっきょう}で演じる、ぶっつけ本番{ほんばん}でやる、準備{じゅんび}をせずにその場ででっち上げる、即席{そくせき}でやる、やっつけ仕事{しごと}をするAlthough he didn't know the beautiful song, he winged it in front of the audience. その美しい歌を彼は知っていたのではなく、観客の
  • (the) right wing:    (the) right wing右党うとう


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  1. how many engines on the wing of that boeing ?
  1. i need eyes on the wing . skiff coming in . i'm on it .
  1. they had to slide me up on the wing , put me in the cockpit .
  1. i kinda cried on the wing of the stage ...
    この1か月 自分としては➡
  1. there is a colonial woman on the wing . there's a woman on the wing .
    植民地時代の女性が 飛んでたの


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