opportune moment 意味

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  • ちょうど良い時
    During dinner, I felt it the opportune moment for announcing my job promotion. 夕食の最中、今が仕事の昇進をしらせるちょうどいい時だと思った。
  • at the opportune moment:    ちょうどよいときに
  • at the most opportune moment:    ちょうど都合{つごう}の良い時に
  • opportune:    opportune adj. 《文語》 都合のよい, 好時機の.【副詞】highly opportuneきわめて都合のよいHow very opportune!なんと好都合な.【+前置詞】The present time is most opportune for….今は…にもっとも都合がよいThe time was opportune for making a start.乗りだすのにちょう


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  1. if you were waiting for the opportune moment ...
  2. wait to lift the curse until the opportune moment .
    呪いを解くのにも 適当なタイミングまで 待ったほうがいい
  3. we are hosting this conference at a very opportune moment
  4. if you really want to exist , come back at a more opportune moment
    "書いてもらいたきゃ 出直して来いよ"
  5. this would not be an opportune moment to press the issue .
    どちらにしても この問題に取り組むのに 今はいい時期とはいえない


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