oppose to 意味

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  • 対抗させる
  • oppose:    oppose v. …に反対する, 対抗する; 対立候補を立てる; 向かい合わさせる.【副詞1】She bitterly opposed our marriage.私たちの結婚に激しく反対したI deeply oppose this plan.この計画には絶対反対だtwo fundamentally opposing views 2つの根本的に対立する見方heartily oppose…本気で
  • to oppose:    to oppose歯向かう歯向う刃向かうはむかう対するたいする逆らうさからう阻むはばむ側むそばむ反するはんする立ち向かうたちむかう悖るもとる楯つくたてつく逆立つさかだつ楯突く盾突くたてつく
  • absolutely oppose:    頭から{あたまから}反対{はんたい}する


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  1. this conflict caused him to oppose to the other chief vassals , norimoto .
  2. hidetada is understood to have been a submissive husband who could not oppose to his seishitsu (legal wife ) oe no kata .
  3. even those warriors in the vicinity of kyoto did not want to support him , to the contrary , some warriors started to oppose to him .
  4. daikakuji-to is a royal ancestry between the late kamakura period to the northern and southern courts period and used to oppose to jimyoin-to .
  5. there is no use arguing over which is right , but the fact is that there are two theories; one is to support the view that a pair of komainu is a couple and the other is to oppose to it .


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