optimal advertising expenditure 意味

  • 最適広告費
  • advertising expenditure:    広告費{こうこくひ}
  • optimal:    {形} : 最善{さいぜん}の、最適{さいてき}の、最良{さいりょう}のMay is the optimal month for climbing Mount Everest. エベレストは、5月に登るのが最善だ。--------------------------------------------------------------------------------【レベル】12、【発音
  • expenditure:    expenditure n. (主に公的な)経費, 支出, 消費.【動詞+】Budget cuts have affected military expenditures.予算削減は軍事支出に響いているHe cannot afford the expenditure of sending his son to a medical school.息子を医学部に入れる金を出す余裕がないThe mi


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