other charges 意味

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  • その他諸掛かり、営業外費用{えいぎょう がい ひよう}


  1. a combination of two other charges:
  2. and next week you'll be indicted for the murder of thomas mcallister , among other charges .
    来週には 数ある罪状の中から トーマス・マカリスター殺害で 起訴されるわよ
  3. due to this article he had been accused of violating shinbunshi jorei (press regulations ), sentenced to three months in prison (a year and two months in total with other charges ), and discharged on june 18 the next year .
  4. for this , yoshiyuki kasai , chairman of the central japan railway company (jr central ) refuted in a book he wrote that ' the shinkansen line was constructed with only internally reserved money and borrowed money , and the cost has been recovered only by the train fares and other charges , and therefore , it is wrong to say that the construction of shinkansen triggered the bankruptcy of jnr .'


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