owner 意味

発音記号: [ 'əunə ]発音を聞く   ownerの例文
  • owner of:    《be ~》所有する
  • then owner:    当時{とうじ}の持ち主
  • (dog) owner:    (dog) owner飼い主飼主かいぬし


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  1. why did the owner of the manuscript do this ?
  2. but of course , the owner won't know that , but ...
    もちろん 所有者は 知ってるが・・・
  3. so they successfully brought the owner to their side ...
  4. i have to hurry up in finding a new owner for it .
    早く引き取ってくれる人 見つけるから。
  5. we're not sure if that's the owner of the car .
    自動車の所有者かどうかは 確かでありません


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