oxygen mixture 意味

  • 酸素混合気{さんそ こんごうき}
  • deliver a mixture of air and oxygen through the nose:    鼻から空気{くうき}と酸素{さんそ}の混合物{こんごうぶつ}を送る
  • by mixture:    混合して、混ぜ合わせて
  • mixture:    mixture n. 混合, 混和; 混合物.【動詞+】First make a mixture of milk and egg.(料理法の説明で)まず初めにミルクと卵を混ぜ合わせたものを作りますFor the Japanese, milk and rice make a strange mixture, but that's what we use to make rice pudding.


  1. look , this is just speculation , but unlike a chemical or fission explosion , fusion reactions release about four billion times more energy than the hydrogen oxygen mixture that powers the main engines of the space shuttle and 100 times more than the fusion reactions
    推測だが 核分裂の様なものだ 酸素 -水素混合より 40億倍のエネルギーで


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