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  • {名} : <→PAINT-IN>
  • paint:    1paint n. 塗料, ペンキ, 絵の具; 化粧品; 塗装.【動詞+】apply paint to a smooth plaster surfaceなめらかなしっくいの表面にペンキを塗るThe sun blistered the paint.日が当たってペンキにあわができたThe old paint was chipped from the side of the ship.古ペンキがその
  • paint on:    páint ón [自] 描き続ける.━[他] …を書き[描き]加える.
  • paint-in:    {名} : ペイントイン、壁面{へきめん}に絵を描くこと


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  1. travis found some more paint in the garage .
    トラビスがガレージで 色々ペンキを見つけたの
  2. that's it . put your paint in there . put it on the board .
    出来た そこに置いて 机の上に
  3. i was teaching myself how to paint in all these different styles
    様々なスタイルの描き方を 自分で学び
  4. we are gonna lose some paint in here .
  5. and getting the paint in his ears
    耳に絵の具が入っても 気にしない


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