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  1. Partway through one production , an animator drew a character
    ある作品の制作中 あるアニメーターが 登場人物の眉を弓型に描いて
  2. But notice said paint chips abruptly stop partway along this shelf .
    散らばっている だが 見てくれ 散らばった塗料の欠片は
  3. It's cold . i ran partway .
    寒い 途中まで走った
  4. Both wa-yo and zenshu-yo incorporate complexes placed on top of pillars but achieve this using bracket complexes inserted partway up the pillar ,
  5. Dancers wear a kasane-shozoku costume (a costume for noh ) and a mino (a straw raincoat ), and partway through the dance , wear a kasa (a straw hat ), which they had buckled to their waist .
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