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  1. of the climbing party when you were the leader . that past history of yours
    当時 山岳隊のリーダーだった 君の経歴が
  2. given your past history indiscretions , play god , change history
    与えられた過去の歴史を 軽率にも 神の所業で変えようとしてる
  3. because of its location and past history , the majority of movies filmed in the studio are historical in nature , and many of contemporary tv dramas are also filmed there .
  4. i believe that trying to understand correctly the past history along with that of the postwar period is extremely important for the japanese , which is also quite essential when the japanese aim to be a member of global society .'
  5. in view of the past history , it is considered that the deed was already invalidated in 1146 , but it is also considered that since chikamori ' s daughter was a concubine of taira no shigemori , the deed was presented in an expectation of support from the taira family .


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