penetration into 意味

  • ~への洞察{どうさつ}、~への侵入{しんにゅう}
  • penetration:    penetration n. 浸透, 貫通; 眼識, 洞察力; 〔政治〕 勢力伸長.【動詞+】achieve a profitable penetration of foreign markets外国市場への有利な参入をなし遂げるWorms aerate the soil, aiding (the) penetration of roots.ミミズは土壌に空気を供給し, (植物の)根の貫入を助
  • appliances penetration:    台数普及率{だいすう ふきゅう りつ}
  • ballistics of penetration:    ballistics of penetration深徹弾道学[基礎]


  1. in view of the history of tea ceremony , it is worthy of special mention that omote-senke played a role in its penetration into town people since the times of kakukakusai .


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