perform the complex ritual 意味

  • 複雑{ふくざつ}な儀式{ぎしき}を取り行う
  • perform complex tasks:    複雑{ふくざつ}なタスクを実行{じっこう}する
  • perform the complex operation:    複雑{ふくざつ}な手術{しゅじゅつ}を行う
  • ritual:    ritual n. 儀式, 礼式, 式典.【動詞+】conduct rituals儀式を行なうSome religions employ a great deal of ritual.非常に多くの儀式を行なう宗教もあるHe makes a ritual of his ablutions.沐浴(もくよく)の儀式を行なう.【形容詞 名詞+】an annual ritual毎年行なわれる儀式Chri


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