person of power 意味



  1. in addition , it focuses on the stupidity of a person of power , which is a feature of this kyogen play .
  2. however , noh was continuously favored by the person of power at the time such as nobunaga oda and hideyoshi toyotomi .
  3. after that , she became famous in kyoto and stormed the residence of taira no kiyomori who was a person of power in those days .
  4. this is because the topic on the stupidity of a person of power , which is common now and in the old days , a simple and clear story outline , the interesting tengu mai (dance ), and a well-kown dialogue , ` hojo kyudai menmen taru ' (the hojo clan lasted for nine generations ), are loved by audiences .
  5. when the rebellion of taira no masakado and the rebellion of fujiwara no sumitomo broke out in 940 , to address the situation , he presented ' byakue kannon ho ,' which even the esoteric buddhist high priests were said to have no knowledge of in those days , to the then person of power , fujiwara no morosuke; and miyoshi was appointed to a responsible post .


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