personal attractiveness 意味

発音を聞く:   personal attractivenessの例文
  • 容姿{ようし}の魅力{みりょく}
  • attractiveness:    attractiveness n. 人の目を引くこと; 魅力.【動詞+】The building diminishes the attractiveness of the area.その建物がそのあたりの景観をそいでいるhave physical attractiveness肉体的な魅力をもつ.【+動詞】Both her attractiveness and her intelligence
  • attractiveness of the market for:    ~の市場{しじょう}の魅力{みりょく}
  • cultural attractiveness:    文化的{ぶんかてき}な魅力{みりょく}


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