personal baggage 意味

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  • 手回り品{てまわりひん}
  • baggage:    baggage n. 《米》 手荷物.【動詞+】book one's baggage through to……まで手荷物を預けるcarry one's own baggage手荷物を自分で運ぶcheck one's baggage through to one's destination目的地まで荷物をチッキで送るclaim one's baggage(送り先で)荷物を引き取るclear ba
  • personal:    personal adj. 私的な, 個人的な.【副詞】government intervention in deeply personal decisionsきわめて個人的な決定への政府の介入It is a deeply personal matter.きわめて個人的な問題だDecisions to marry or divorce or have children are entirely
  • (baggage) checking:    (baggage) checking一時預けいちじあずけ一時預かりいちじあずかり


  1. whole lot of personal baggage on her too .


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