personal belief 意味

  • 個人的信念{こじん てき しんねん}、個人的所信{こじんてき しょしん}
  • belief:    belief n. 信じること, 信念, 確信, 意見; 信仰; 信用, 信頼.【動詞+】abjure one's belief in a doctrine《文語》 ある教義に対する信仰を放棄するHe did not accept the religious beliefs of his parents.両親の抱く宗教的信仰を受け入れなかったadopt a belief信念を抱くadvance
  • in the belief that:    (that 以下)だと信じて
  • personal:    personal adj. 私的な, 個人的な.【副詞】government intervention in deeply personal decisionsきわめて個人的な決定への政府の介入It is a deeply personal matter.きわめて個人的な問題だDecisions to marry or divorce or have children are entirely


  1. my own personal belief ...
    珍愛的人像螻蟻一樣地被殺掉 你能體會這種心情嗎
  2. and that was a personal belief
    それは 個人的な信条で
  3. my own personal belief ...
  4. my personal belief is that


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