persons concerned 意味

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  • 関係者{かんけいしゃ}
  • persons:    persons方々方方かたがたほうぼう
  • concerned:    {形-1} : 心配{しんぱい}そうな、心配{しんぱい}[懸念{けねん}?危ぐ]している、気遣っている、憂慮{ゆうりょ}している--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-2} : 関係{かんけい}[関与{かんよ}]しているThe police gathered the p
  • concerned in:    《be ~》~に関係がある、関与している


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  1. where all the persons concerned are the offenders .
    関係者全員が 犯人だった。
  2. may 2: the twelve leading persons concerned with killing tokimura were decapitated .
  3. each of these plans was presented to persons concerned with kansai electric power .
  4. from 1946 to 1947 , the dai nippon butoku kai was dissolved and more than 1 ,300 persons concerned were purged .
  5. on this day , there was no particular troubles happened , and as the troops arrived , the persons concerned were arrested .


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