physical compatibility 意味

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  • physical compatibility
  • compatibility:    compatibility n. 適合性; (コンピューターの)互換性.【動詞+】ensure international compatibility in weights and measures度量衡(こう)の国際的な一致をはかるestablish compatibility between computersコンピューター間の互換性をもたらすlack compatibility適合性を欠
  • physical:    physical n. 《米》 身体検査.【動詞+】He was advised to get a complete physical.全身くまなく身体検査を受けるようにと言われたHe hasn't had a physical in eight years.彼はこの 8 年間身体検査を受けていないHe had just passed a thorough physical.徹底した身体検査に
  • assignment compatibility:    代入互換性{だいにゅう ごかん せい}


  1. mako , this is not only about a neural connection . it's also about a physical compatibility .


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