physical configuration 意味

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  • physical configuration
  • configuration:    configuration n. 形状, 地形; 〔電算〕 構成.【動詞+】alter the configuration of IBM's hierarchy IBMの序列の形態を変える.【形容詞 名詞+】the anatomical configuration of the face顔の解剖学的構造The basic configuration for the financial plan
  • physical:    physical n. 《米》 身体検査.【動詞+】He was advised to get a complete physical.全身くまなく身体検査を受けるようにと言われたHe hasn't had a physical in eight years.彼はこの 8 年間身体検査を受けていないHe had just passed a thorough physical.徹底した身体検査に
  • 3d configuration:    三次元配置{さんじげん はいち}


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