physical connection 意味

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  • 物理接続{ぶつり せつぞく}
  • connection:    connection n. 連結; (電話の)接続; 関係, 関連; (人との)関係, 交わり; 親類, 縁故, コネ; (乗り物の)連絡, 接続, 乗り換え; 取引関係.【動詞+】We have broken our connection with our previous suppliers.以前つながりのあった供給業者との関係を断ったbreak the connection関係を断つ;
  • connection to:    ~行きの接続便{せつぞく びん}
  • in connection with:    ~に関連{かんれん}して、~と一緒{いっしょ}に、~と接続{せつぞく}してPolice were interviewing three suspects in connection with the murder. 警察は殺人事件に関連して、3人の容疑者を取り調べていた。A situation has arisen in connection with the contract with AB


  1. an opportunity to have a physical connection
  2. because there is a physical connection .
  3. and speaking of physical connection


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