physical constitution 意味

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  • 体格{たいかく}、物理的組成{ぶつりてき そせい}
  • constitution (physical):    constitution (physical)体質たいしつ
  • by constitution:    生まれつき、体質的{たいしつてき}に
  • constitution:    constitution n.(1) 体格, 体質; 身体; 組織; 政体; 制定.【動詞+】A healthy diet creates a strong constitution.健康によい食事は丈夫な体を作るdebilitate the constitution身体を衰弱させるHe has an iron constitution.鉄のように丈夫な体だrebuild one's cons


  1. i wonder if it depends on their physical constitution .
  2. irregularities include diarrhea may result from an inability to sufficiently digest fats such as glycerides due to an individual ' s physical constitution or lack of experience in the consumption of raw fish .


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