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  • picked
  • freshly picked:    freshly picked新鋭しんえい
  • freshly-picked:    {形} : 採れ立ての、新鋭の_ The supermarket uses technology to keep its shelves full of freshly-picked organic fruits and vegetables.
  • get picked on:    いじめられるHe began to get picked on in fifth grade because he was new to the school and was quiet. 彼は5年生のときに転校してきておとなしかったのでいじめられ始めた。


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  1. he picked me up outside of shreveport . you rode ...
    シュリーブポート郊外で 拾われた
  2. you brought a woman you picked up somewhere
    どこで拾ってきたかわからない女を 社宅へ連れ込んで。
  3. sorry , i picked this up but i forgot to give this to you .
    ねえ? キスした?
  4. any of us could have picked that chute .
    だが 我々の誰でも あのパラシュートを 取る可能性があった
  5. the places that you picked were quite dangerous
    前島さんが特に危ないと 指定した場所ばかりで


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