pin in 意味

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  • (すき間を)埋める
  • pin:    1pin n. ピン, 留め針; 飾りピン, ブローチ; 栓(せん); 《口語》 脚; 〔ボウリング〕 ピン; 〔レスリング〕 フォール.【動詞+】insert a pinピンを差しこむHe pulled the pin out.ピンを引き抜いたput in a pinピンを差しこむHe was setting pins in a wall map.壁の地図に針を立てていたset pins a
  • pin on:    (責任を)負わせる、(罪を)着せるYou tried to pin everything on me. 俺に罪を着せようとしたな。
  • anchor pin:    アンカー?ピン


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  1. all right , let's put a pin in this until we get more sponsors .
  2. so somebody cut me open and put a pin in there as well
  3. finch , i saw the exact same pin in hauffe's apartment .
    アパートのやつと 同じピンを見つけた
  4. okay , well , we'll just put a pin in that , then .
  5. oh , i guess i didn't think let's put a pin in it meant yes .
    "また後で"は "OK"だったのか


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