place of performance 意味

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  • 履行地{りこう ち}
  • in performance:    上演中{じょうえんちゅう}の、性能{せいのう}の点で、性能{せいのう}にThere is a difference in performance. 性能に差がある。
  • no performance:    休業{きゅうぎょう}
  • performance:    performance n. すること, 実行; 仕事, (機械の)性能; 上演, 演技, 演奏, 興行.【動詞+】I can't tell you how much I admired your performance.私がどれほどあなたの演奏に感心したかは口では言えないHis family troubles affected his performance at work.家庭内のトラブル


  1. like hanamichi (passage through audience to stage ) in kabuki , hashigakari is considered as an important place of performance .


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