place of printing 意味

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  • 印刷地{いんさつ ち}
  • correctly place addresses on envelopes before printing:    封筒{ふうとう}に印刷{いんさつ}する前に住所{じゅうしょ}の位置{いち}を正しく設定{せってい}する
  • for printing:    for printing印刷用いんさつよう
  • printing:    printing n. 印刷; 印刷物.【動詞+】Where did you have the printing done for these invitations?この招待状の印刷はどこでやってもらったのですかAt last! A laptop that does good printing!やっと出た! きれいな印字をしてくれるラップトップ機がやっと出たWilliam Caxton in


  1. therefore , publications in each period were called ' kazusa-ban ' (kazusa editions ), ' amakusa-ban ' (amakusa editions ) and ' nagasaki-ban ' (nagasaki editions ), respectively , using the name of place of printing .


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