poison with 意味

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  • 食中毒{しょくちゅうどく}にかからせる
  • poison:    1poison n. 毒, 毒物.【動詞+】administer an active poisonよく効く毒を投与するextract poisons from plants植物から毒を採るShe gave the poison to him just before lunch.昼食直前に彼にその毒を与えたidentify the poison and administer an antidot
  • poison to:    ~に対する毒、~を乱すもの
  • to poison:    to poison一服盛るいっぷくもる


  1. we should neutralise poison with poison here .
    ここは 毒をもって毒を制す。
  2. you . you have the poison with you ?
    お前 毒をもっているという...。
  3. so , preceding the interview , you are going to shake kim's hand , administering a fatal dose of poison with this , a transdermal timedelayed ricin strip .
    インタビューを優先させる キムと握手する 毒の致死量を管理
  4. the reason for this is considered to be dipping arrowheads in poison (it is said that there is no custom to dip arrows in poison with regard to yumiya in japan ).


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