poisoned sake 意味



  1. Finally , however , oguri was given poisoned sake and killed with his retainers in gongen-do hall .
  2. Taheiji takes this opportunity and offers the poisoned sake as farewell , but only oriyo takes it , saying that it is unnecessary for those who have been repudiated .
  3. Taheiji hides omatsu and tries to trick him , asking if taheiji ' s striking resemblance to his enemy daigakunosuke reminds him of revenge so that he wants to be repudiated and is becoming profligate , and then offers him the poisoned sake .
  4. After being put at ease with a feast of noble women ' s blood and flesh , at the height of festivities , yorimitsu slipped shuten doji some poisoned sake called ' jinbenkidoku-shu ,' which he had given , together with a helmet , by a god and when shuten doji was paralyzed after drinking the sake , yorimitsu cut off his head .
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