police corruption 意味

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  • 警察{けいさつ}の腐敗{ふはい}
  • drug-related police corruption:    麻薬関連{まやく かんれん}の警察{けいさつ}の腐敗{ふはい}
  • corruption:    corruption n. 堕落, 腐敗, 汚職, 収賄(しゅうわい); (言語の)転訛(てんか).【動詞+】breed graft and corruption汚職と腐敗を生むcause corruption腐敗を引き起こすCorruption was discovered in the city's traffic violations bureau.市の交通違反取締局の中に汚職が発覚した


  1. he was researching an article on police corruption .
  2. but police corruption has been a problem in buenos aires .
    ブエノスアイレスで 警察の汚職の問題があって 警察は仲間を 売る必要があった


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