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  1. so , starting with the political philosophy .
    では まず政治哲学の話から始めましょう
  2. that if we combine the right political philosophy , the right political thinking
  3. not one of your other children is a sophomore at yale majoring in political philosophy .
    イェール大の2年生 政治哲学専攻は その子だけ
  4. the octagonal tumuli are considered to have been made based on the idea that the octagon suits a king who shows his ruling power in eight (all ) directions of the world , which came from chinese political philosophy in general .
  5. when a political philosophy advocating the reverence for the emperor was adopted by many people toward the end of the edo period , an ancient style was revived in the construction of imperial mausoleums; thus , emperor komei ' s mausoleum was built with a large burial mound .


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