political platform 意味

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  • 政綱{せいこう}、政治方針{せいじ ほうしん}
  • political principle, policy or platform:    political principle, policy or platform政綱せいこう
  • on the platform:    《be ~》演説{えんぜつ}する
  • platform:    platform n.(1) (駅の)プラットホーム; 客車の乗降段, デッキ; 演壇, 壇; 〔建築〕井桁(いげた).【動詞+】ascend the speaker's platform演壇に登るbuild a platform twenty feet up in a tree木の地上 20 フィートのところに井桁を組み立てるPassengers crowded the platform.乗


  1. when the army of ashikaga entered in kyoto , the emperor go-daigo escaped to mt . hiei and fought back . however , the emperor accepted the reconciliation proposed by ashikaga , and he handed over the three sacred treasures to takauji . takauji ashikaga , backed by the emperor komyo of the jimyoin-to lineage , opened a new legitimate shogunate with the enactment of a new political platform called kenmu shikimoku .


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